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What should we talk about today? Well I heard that people were calling me “Hitler” on Facebook. Not because, it wasn’t because of why I was saying, it was because of the tone. Yeah. If I was bitchy then. Now when I just found out that I am pregnant, and my hormone levels are through the roof imagine how bitch I can be now. And they also say that I cursed up, I don't fucking curse up. I only curse when I'm pissed. 
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What is Marginality ?

Marginality is such type of a concept that should be eliminated from the society and this can be only done if the people who feel that they are being marginalized change their perceptions and view things differently from a broader view point. In addition to this marginality can also be decreased if there emerges equality among different classes in a society and racism and segregation comes to an end.

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Irony in the story of an hour


                                                      Irony in Story of an hour

Irony is linguistic apparel often used by the poets and authors in their poems, drama, novel and literary writings of their own to focus on deriving an abstract outcome of the actual event which has happened. It is a useful device for providing stories some unforeseen entwine and turn. Irony is of many types of which the dramatic irony and situational irony are of quite relevance in the contemporary and traditional writings. In the following essay, the use of irony has been done by Kate Chopin in his text “The Story of an Hour” to show that how irony has been used to describe the unhappy marriage during the time and also how joys regarding freedom prevailed by keeping them quiet.
In the “The Story of an Hour”, there have been many moments when the author Chopin has been using the irony and it has been quite prevalent from the very first notion like “assure himself of its truth by a second telegram”. Through the following line it is clearer there is a second thought about Mrs Mallard’s husband’s death. When the reader acknowledges of the fact that Mr Mallard has been dead, from the sentence it turns into a believer. But eventually the readers are acquainted that Mr Mallard had never died. It can be identified that a situation irony is that which is basically used to show the audience sometimes which is expected does not happen in reality. There has also been use of the situational irony in the reaction of Mrs Mallard about her husband’s death as well as the description of her adjoining background. Death has been represented ironically in the surrounding settings to be full of warmth and friendliness in nature.   
In the “The Story of an Hour”, there has been also use of the dramatic irony and this is represented through Mrs Mallard’s realization after her husband’s death. She is implicated to be free from her husband’s captivity as well as in the later part with her own death. Moreover the implications of both dramatic and situation irony has been generated through Josephine’s reaction. Josephine shows her worry about Mrs Mallard locking herself in the room will make her ill; but on other hand, she also contemplates about Mrs Mallard’s life to be wonderful after her husband’s death who was oppressive in their conjugal life. Another important dramatic irony has been used by Chopin through Mrs Mallard’s dying of shock after seeing her husband alive and this depicts that she is nothing near to think her life full of joy as it has been presumed.  
Adding more to the context of ironical literature in “The Story of an Hour”, it can be interpreted that there has been use of other types of irony like central irony. One central irony which has been observed throughout the short story is that Mrs Mallard is portrayed as a woman who always feels the anxiety of being a subjugated wife. Due to this approach in her married life, she has been grown old in an early age. Moreover, the use of verbal irony has also been used in the short story like the last statement by the doctor about Mrs Mallard’s death that she has died of “heart disease of joy”. This depicts that a person is trying to say something which is totally reverse of his way of understanding or interrelating to the audience.
From the overall analysis of the essay, it can be depicted that the use of irony in “The Story of an Hour”, by Kate Chopin has been extremely vigorous to make the readers more intricating to the main theme of the short story that is the married life of an oppressed woman in the contemporary society.

Works Cited
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Hispanic Culture

While I was searching about Hispanic culture it was quite interesting to read the information about the Hispanic culture and I was amused to learn that how in their culture birth control is prohibited and due to which large families emerge. This shows that even after so much advancement in the technology and media the customs and beliefs of the people belonging to different cultures almost remain the same years after years. This is evident from the facts provided by Jose which shows that every one still follows the customs that sometimes should not be considered important in the lives of individuals. Yet every culture is unique and we should no doubt respect the values and beliefs of every culture.

Annotated Bibliography: Racial Profiling: APA Style

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According to Banks (2003) the crimes against entire communities for the actions of a few are focused upon and the use of the racial profiling in the antiterrorism efforts where the Muslims are put under a higher level of scrutiny is the main topic of discussion of the article. The use of the racial profiling for the antiterrorism actions of the government and their use of heavy handed tactics against specific communities influencing racial hate crimes and instigation of violence against the specific communities is discussed in details and how the racial profiling used to stop terrorism is affecting the mentality of the populace towards the Islamic communities are the main topic of the discussion.
Alsultany, E. (2012). Arabs and Muslims in the Media: Race and Representation after 9/11. nyu Press.
This book discusses the race and representation in the media after the 9/11 attacks and the vilification of the Islamic communities in western countries especially the states who were the harshest in their scrutiny of the Islamic citizens. This book discusses the long standing effect on the Islamic citizens and the unjust actions of the government violating their civil rights in the country. The role of media and the representation of the Middle Eastern populations as villains and the impact on the racial identification of the Muslims were the main topic of the paper. The book discussed the long term effect on the general populace on their formation of the racial identifiers that classify all Muslims as potential terrorists and treat them accordingly is discussed and scope of the problem defined.

Akram, S. M., & Johnson, K. R. (2001). Race, civil rights, and immigration law after September 11, 2001: The targeting of Arabs and Muslims. NYU Ann. Surv. Am. L., 58, 295.
This article discussed the aftermath of the 9/ 11 incident of Islamic terrorism and the subsequent changes in the civil rights and immigration law that puts Muslims under much stricter scrutiny is discussed along with its effects on the social standings of the resident Muslim population in the country. The Arabs and Muslims and their segregation from other communities of different religious faiths are discussed along with the social impact of the Islamic people being restricted and viewed with suspicion.
Alsultany, E. (2008). The prime time plight of the Arab Muslim American after 9/11. Race and Arab Americans before and after, 9(11), 204-228.
The different ways the Arabs and Muslims were being segregated from the rest of the population in the United States is the main topic of the article. It discussed how the segregation and preferential treatment against the Arab Muslims were used to isolate them and affect their civil liberties. Therefore, the change in the way the race of Arabs and the religion of Muslims are viewed is discussed in the light of the 9/11 incident and the diofferences are discussed and examined for their long term effects on the society.
Khan, MuqtedarAuthor InformationView Profile. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs; WashingtonXX.8 (Nov 30, 2001): 66.(Islam in America: U.S. Under Attack; Implications for Muslims Everywhere)
Muqtedar khan in his contribution to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs stated the obvious impact on the American mentality towards the Middle Eastern people and the resident Muslims of the USA that has been changing with the rise of the Islamic terrorism. He focused on the escalating situation in the Middle East and the impact of said incidents on the psyche of average American citizen to synonymise Muslim or the religion of Islam with terrorism or Jihad. He in this report explained the mentality towards the American Muslim residents and the gradual change in the tolerance towards the Islam and the followers escalating into outright hostility and segregation. The hate crimes against the Muslims are on the rise and the innocent bystanders are being ostracised for the actions of a few so called Jihadists. Therefore, the impact of the Islamic terrorism and middle eastern resistance of the American interference is discussed in detail with the repercussions falling on the US resident Muslim communities.
Cochrane, Joe. Newsweek, International ed.; New York (Oct 28, 2002): 94.
(I'I Will Fight The Best I Can)
The current article explores that the   Indonesian election is focused on this report and the insistence of the Indonesian presidential candidate is based on the anti corruption law being the most important step for any government to take for any country in the future. The candidate focuses on the global issues and Indonesia’s high Muslim population and the US role in defining the global view of the candidate’s opinion is focused on as his military training in USA had a huge impact on his world view. Therefore, the corruption that is holding back the country from developing and a world power is being addressed in this report where the economic discrepancies are promised by the candidate as one of the first things to be enforces in his agenda.
Richards, A., & Omidvar, I. (2014). Muslims and American popular culture. Praeger. and American Popular Culture)
In this book the Islamic terrorism and its impact on the ostracising of the Muslim population of the US are being discussed as the terrorist activities are resulting in a racial hate and discrimination on Muslims who are essentially awarded the same rights as any other community in the states. Therefore, the illegal action enforced on the Muslim population is affecting their rights as citizens of the United States. The violation of the civil rights of the Muslims living in the US And hate crimes and discrimination against the whole community is discussed as how the Muslims are being subjected to hate crimes and discrimination on all parts of the society. Therefore the American culture which is unique because of the immigrant population of USA who outnumber the natives tenfold is being changes to a partiality which has not been part of their culture since conception.
Kondrasuk, J. N. (2005). A US view of terrorism. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal, 14(5), 644-656.
This report is based on the crimes against the Muslim population in the US and the rise in racial and hate crimes against Muslim communities. The internal conflict and the long term effect of the difference of views are based on the change in perception and social exclusion that goes against the American principle and can be disastrous for a country where most of the population are immigrants. Therefore, the imminent disaster that can rise from the hate crimes and the start of an internal conflict with the potential to splinter the country and affect its political power is the main topic of discussion. This threat and the imminent threat of terrorist activities against civilians that is escalating the concern of the citizens who need to reassure about their safety and that of their community are addressed. This part of the report considers the possible ways to manage the situation and handle it so the effect of it is minimal for the citizens is the discussion that is being addressed in the report.
Onwudiwe, I. (2005). Defining terrorism, racial profiling and the demonisation of Arabs and Muslims in the USA. Safer Communities, 4(2), 4-11.
In this journal article, the focus of the author lies in not the cause of the racial hate crimes rising in the USA but their prevention on a community wise basis. The demonization of the Muslims and the Arabs is a common phenomenon in the US where the blame of the jihadist attacks are being blamed on the Muslim community and the repercussion is translated in the victimization of the members of the community even if they are not responsible for any way for the crimes against humanity that are caused by terrorists. Especially the Middle Eastern terrorist groups and their attacks in their frequency and viciousness are the most responsible the rise in anti Muslim sentiment in the US. Therefore the awareness issues and the vilification of the Islamic communities is a cause for concern and the racial profiling that determines the terrorism and threat to humanity by religion and not the acts of terrorism is a dangerous way to great unrest.

Shora, K. A. R. E. E. M., & Edgar, T. I. M. O. T. H. Y. (2003). After 9/11, an assault on civil liberties. TRIAL, 39(10), 56-61.
In this report, the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks are discussed and the long standing effect on the restrictions on the Muslim population and the hindrance of their civil rights is discussed in detail. Just the fact that eh Islamic and Middle Eastern people conducted the act of terrorism is not reason to vilify an entire community for the crimes of a few. However, the effect of the restriction on the public sentiment of vilifying the Islamic communities and their long standing effect on the perception of the Muslim communities and their treatment of the community that is influenced by civil rights and how that can affect the country as a whole and destroy the national solidarity is discussed in the article.

Social Model disability

1.       You have a friend who has never heard about the social model of disability and is curious to learn more about it. Explain the social model of disability as you would explain it to this friend.

The social model of disability helps in focusing onto the disability from the impairment using this term to and referring to the disabling environmental, social, and attitudinal barriers instead of lacking the ability. This shows that as impairment becomes the functional limitation which plays a critical role in affecting a person’s body, disability can be regarded as limitation or loss of several chances. These further results from the indirect and direct discrimination. Also, this model highlights that the elimination of inactivating barriers and hurdles can be a solution to the difficulties that are experienced. This prospective of seeing things opens several chances in eradicating the discrimination and prejudice.  
In addition to this it has been observed that through the efforts of several years this social model of disability has also enabled the individuals in confronting, surviving and even surmounting endless barriers towards discrimination and judgement. Before this model the disability was looked down with a negative attitude which in turn created problems for the persons who had disabilities. They had to face discrimination in their every day lives. However, with the emergence of this model the social discrimination for the people having disability has been minimized to a great deal. 
 Thus, the social model of disability can also be considered as people’s movement for the individuals having a disability at a wider level. It has played a significant role in enabling the vision of the people living in a community to freed themselves from the restraints of disability and gave a direction toward a commitment in a social change.

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