Everyday Life and Nietzsche point of views ( Subject: Sociology/ Philosophy)

I) Reason Civilization and Everyday Life

Nietzsche and Freud both had a similar thought that society was a central point affecting ones conduct. Be that as it may they contrasted in their impression of the intrinsic characteristics of people and how human advance is best accomplished. It will be appeared in this paper how Nietzsche and Freud contrast in their view of the inborn characteristics of people. Nietzsche trusted that people were inherently great and that the substance of people existed in their will. Freud trusted that people's inborn qualities were terrible and it was society which was expected to stifle these qualities.
Nietzsche felt that society had excessively control over people. He expresses that society had embraced a kind of slave ethical quality. Nietzsche felt that if the individual needed to succeed he or she needed to break free of society to better him or herself. The premise of this thought was the hypothesis of the will. Nietzsche trusted the will was the human substance. Will is an intrinsic quality since it is not still, small voice from what society says (Chomsky, 2015). Nietzsche trusted that people were fundamentally conceived great and it was society that made one awful. Keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from society undermining an individual, one needed to take after their will (Carnoy, 2014). He needed the will to be unhindered by society and so as to do this one needed to get rid of still, small voice and awareness. Still, small voice is ones feeling of right or wrong which originates from what society says. Nietzsche trusted that one’s awareness is a figment and it must be relinquished. By abandoning what society said and taking after ones will, the individual could accomplish enormity. Achievement and advance is best accomplished, as indicated by Nietzsche, just when there is an unending articulation of the will exhibit.
Freud felt it was society that was valuable to the person. In spite of Nietzsche, Freud trusted that people were actually conceived awful and it was society, which made him or her terrible. Freud trusted that people were conceived with an id.

Despite the fact that separately made, these speculations could be entwined, even utilized together. Hence, it is the question of this paper to demonstrate that the Freudian hypothesis about the oblivious id and sense of self are similar to the thought on the Apollonian and Dionysian realities exhibited by Nietzsche. 

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