Negative Utopia ( Subject: Philosophy )

Negative utopia is also defined as dystopia which simply refers to anti-utopia. The term is commonly an addressal of a society or a community that seems to be undesirable in nature or is terrifying and alarming in nature. While, Utopia is moreover considered as an important social construct for the society, dystopia (better known as negative utopia) is a social construct or a state of living where it becomes just impossible for the people to live a comfortable and healthy life as things become unbearably horrifying and terrible in nature. Dystopia is again considered as a significant concept for the society as the same leads to turn up a innovative and revolutionary society. As per the Dystopian literatures, it can be made evident that the nature of the dystopia is attributable to authoritative nature in the society. The negative aspects of the negative utopias often suggest that dystopias also help in the discovering new concepts for abusing technology and that do help in increasing the mass poverty and brutal political control for the society. The dystopian or negative utopia but has helped and facilitated the world to explore the new edges of science fictions as well has made fullest use of technological advancements in today’s world. It is not that all the dystopian cities are surviving from horrible situations. But there are some nations that did experience worthy situations due to the influence of the dystopian society. The same helped the businesses and even the individuals’ power over controlling the humanity. People today know how to make optimum utilization of the key resources and thus create comfort through the adaptation of the improvised technological developments. 

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